How do I connect to Wi-Fi in Japan?

You can access your Boingo account wherever you see the following Wi-Fi networks: "Boingo_Wireless", "Boingo_Wi-Five", "CampCourtney_Wi-Fi", "CampFoster_Wi-Fi", "CampFuji_Wi-Fi", "CampHansen_Wi-Fi", "CampKinser_Wi-Fi", "CampSchwab_Wi-Fi", and "Iwakuni_Wi-Fi".

Roaming in Japan? 

Many Wi-Fi hotspots in Japan require users to enter a WPA2 key (fancy name for "additional password") to ensure security. If your device asks you for a WPA2 key, go to your "Settings" and select a network under the Wi-Fi menu. You should see one of the below networks. Then, just enter one of the passwords listed below based on what network you are connecting to!

Here are the WPA2 keys for each network: 

NTT Docomo 

Wi-Fi Network: docomo - Password: e3f4aad65c
Wi-Fi Network: 0000docomo - Password: B35D084737 

Softbank (BB Mobilepoint) 

Wi-Fi Network: mobilepoint - Password: 696177616B Wi-Fi
Network: mobilepoint1 - Password: 696177616B Wi-Fi
Network: mobilepoint2 - Password: 62626d7032

If you're trying to connect to one of our roaming partners in Japan (other than Wi2), you may need to enter a WPA2 key in addition to your username and password. Here's how:

1. Type your username and add "" to the end. In other words, make it look like a Boingo email address!
2. Enter your password.
3. If needed, use one of the WPA2/WEP keys shown on the chart below.

Note: Boingo's Wi-Finder app for Windows, Mac and Android enters the WPA2 key automatically.

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