How do I connect to Wi-Fi at Fort Hunter Liggett Family Housing?

How do I get Boingo services installed at my home?

1. Call Boingo Customer Care 1-800-560-3308 Monday and Friday between 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. PST.
2. Schedule your wireless modem installation appointment with one of our agents.
3. After your modem installation is complete, call 1-800-560-3308 (one last time) to set up an account with an agent.
4. Enjoy your Boingo service!

What price will I be charged to rent a modem?

You will be charged a modem rental fee of $6.95 per month, per modem.

Can I install and use my own modem?

Using our modem is the only way to access the Boingo network. They come pre-provisioned to work within the custom built wireless network in family housing.

Why am I being charged to rent a modem? 

The monthly fee ensures you receive support, free troubleshooting calls, and required replacements and upgrades. It also allows us to continually enhance products and provide our customers with the best experience, equipment and technical services.

Can I use my account outside of FHL Family Housing? 

If you are a Fort Hunter Liggett Family Housing customer, you will be limited to Wi-Fi (and TV service if purchased) within your home. This plan, and your account is only available for use in Fort Hunter Liggett family housing.

How do I cancel my service if I'm moving? 

If you are planning to move, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-560-3308. Our agents are available to help you close your account and schedule a pick up date for your rented modem.

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