How do I watch Boingo TV on my television set?

To watch Boingo TV on your television set, you will first need an Amazon Fire TV device. Once you have your Amazon Fire, simply follow the steps below to download the Boingo TV App.

Note: You only need an Amazon Fire TV device to watch TV on your actual television set. You can still stream Boingo TV from any tablet, laptop or mobile device.

1. First, associate your Amazon Fire TV Stick to the Boingo Network. To do this, plug in your Amazon Fire TV Stick. You will see a screen that says "Home is currently unavailable." Select "Go to Network Settings" and connect to the Boingo network ("Boingo_Wireless" or "yourbasename_Wi-Fi").
2. At this point, you should see the Boingo sign-in page. Don't have an account? Simply log on to the Boingo Wi-Fi network on your laptop or other device and set up your account in minutes!
3. Almost there... just sign in to your existing Amazon account, or create a new one.
4. Once signed in to Amazon, download the Boingo App by searching for "Boingo TV" in the left hand search bar.
5. Once downloaded, find the icon in your app library, sign in with your Boingo account, and you're watching TV.

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